Found Online: Parking Lot Doubles as Skating Rink

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Hockey players take note: Looking for extra ice time? You might want to head to South Hills Village Mall. Wonder where they park the Zamboni.


Speaking of slippery: If you struggled to find footing this week on your way to work, Mayor Peduto has got your back. Well, maybe not literally. He tweeted about a new effort to make sidewalks and such safer.



We're guessing the restaurant manager is a "Seinfeld" fan.



Imagine if Vincent van Gogh were from Pittsburgh. Would “Starry Night” have looked like this? Reddit user ButtersHound posted this painting that his wife created at Painting with a Twist last Friday. Churches and high steeples are replaced with the skyscrapers and yellow bridges, a scene any Pittsburgher should recognize.


You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to find Dave DiCello.


Head over heels about winter? Spotted on Center Avenue in Aspinwall. 



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