Former Fairmont Pet Edie Finds New Job in Berkeley

The beloved lobby pet of the Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel downtown is continuing her great work at the Fairmont Berkeley in California.

photo by laura petrilla

Every dog is a good dog, but some dogs manage to capture a little bit more of our hearts. Last October, the Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel gave a fond farewell to the Best Office Dog Edie when her owner, Fairmont public relations manager Julie Abramovic, moved to California.

The boxer-mix started working in the hotel lobby in 2011, making appearances at Fairmont events, taking pictures with guests and going on walks Downtown. After five years of fantastic work, the Fairmont threw her a retirement party that benefited the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, and Edie hung up her pearls one last time.

Now, she wears a patterned pink collar as she trots around the Fairmont Berkeley in the Claremont Club & Spa. She works Monday through Friday, and like other hotel employees, she wears a nametag while at work. Unlike her human colleagues, she’s free to take naps in a comfy bed near the concierge desk and enjoy homemade treats from the Claremont Pastry Kitchen.

The Claremont Club & Spa is pet-friendly and encourages travelers to bring their dogs, so Edie never is wanting for company. If you’re feeling nostalgic or miss the beloved canine (and can’t take a trip to Berkeley), you can always follow her on Instagram (@edie_the_ambassador) or send her an email at

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