Five Questions for … Jon Burton

The "Five Questions for ... " series returns with Pittsburgh's king of the ring.

You might remember Jon Burton as a sports anchor at WTAE until 2008, or perhaps you know him for his current role as a sports anchor for The Fan on 93.7. Perhaps you know him from Twitter where he tweets under JBurton70. Or maybe from his 19 years as an amateur rugby player. Or from his devotion to weight training.

 Or his part-time professional wrestling career.

I had no idea that Jon Burton spent some of spare time in a wrestling ring, so I set off on a hunt through YouTube to see what he’s like during show time.

 YouTube did not disappoint:

From there, I found the NWA East website got lost in a sea of heroes and villains, including one villain named Shirley Doe who looks like he’d happily rip your face off if you dared to make fun of his super girlie name.

Intrigued, I decided to ask Jon Burton five questions. Actually, I asked him eight and learned his favorite Pittsburgh athlete past or present is Joey Porter, and that he hasn’t yet been injured in the ring or in training.

Also, he wasn’t too gung ho about this idea of mine: “Two words. Luchador mask. Yes? No? I think you could rock it like Rey Mysterio.”

Read on to learn how he got into professional wrestling, what he thinks of the NFL’s current penalty/fine controversy, and what his hidden talent is.

Question 1: I have been trolling YouTube watching some of your wrestling matches, and I have to ask. How did you get into professional wrestling?

My wrestling "career" was really by accident. Three years ago I became friends with a guy whose dad runs a local wrestling company. I began doing ring announcing for him and then we decided to do a one-time-only match between me and Bubba from Star 100.7 (Still B94 at the time). Bubba, who’s a trained wrestler, had to pull out of the match at the last minute. I ended up wrestling another guy. It went pretty well and I decided to keep training. Next thing you know, promoters called and wanted to book me. Crazy, right?

2. If you could have one nationally televised match against one big-name professional wrestler, who would it be?

I would love to wrestle Chris Jericho. He’s so technically sound and he’s an outstanding entertainer. Plus, he’s such a great athlete. It would be an accomplishment just to keep up with him in the ring.

3. Your bio says you played rugby for 19 years. Are the hits harder in rugby or in American football? I assume rugby players go a little easier on each other since they aren’t wearing any pads, but I’m sure you have a better perspective on that.

Hits in rugby are hard, but rugby is more of a contact sport, where football is more like a series of car wrecks. Rugby is more about endurance than brute force. Played within the rules, rugby is a relatively safe sport.

4. Speaking of football and fines, I’m sure you’ve covered this on the Fan, but for those of us who are NEW fans of yours, what do you think Roger Goodell should do about this whole controversy surrounding fines for helmet hits and roughing the quarterback, etc.? Is there a happy medium that allows for football to be football and the players to have protection?

I have no problem with what Goodell is doing in trying to protect players, but he needs to do a better job of making it clear what is legal and what isn’t. And NO, I don’t think there’s a conspiracy against the Steelers.

5. You are a man of many talents … television, radio, wrestling, rugby, weight training, but tell me something that Pittsburgh doesn’t know about you yet.

Most people don’t know that I am the undisputed karaoke king of Monroeville, Pa.


That’s gotta be on YouTube somewhere, right?

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