Five Pittsburgh-Based Etsy Shops You Need to Know About

From furniture to wall art and beyond, these local makers created one-of-a-kind pieces for your home or office.

Locally made goods are at your fingertips thanks to Etsy, which helps individuals market and sell their creations online. Here are five Pittsburgh-based Etsy decor shops worth checking out.


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Sweet Water Decor

If you’re searching for a modern, yet traditional, way to spruce up your home, take a look at Sweet Water Decor.

Owner and designer Melissa Weibel creates “motivational, rustic and chic” decorations for the home, including wooden signs, print art and candles. She also creates items that easily can be taken on the go, such as coffee and travel mugs, makeup bags, pens, notebooks and planners.

Weibel often incorporates the colors white, gold and pink into her designs to complement the inspiring quotes and messages on the items. Since its debut on Etsy in 2014, Sweet Water Decor has racked up more than 10,000 sales.

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Wall art is the staple of the BlackPelican shop.

Using her background as a graphic designer, shop owner Kate Maraz creates artwork with quotes and images that can be hung on the walls of any household room. Much of her artwork is tailored toward the kitchen, with images and quotes about food, coffee, tea, wine and cooking.

In addition to individual prints, buyers are able to purchase BlackPelican’s prints in sets that range from two prints to nine, creating the perfect arrangement for your wall.


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Ron Schmidt’s attic&earth shop offers a variety of furniture — including tables, entertainment centers and wine racks — that combine chic and rustic styles.

Many of Schmidt’s creations are handmade, and he repurposes some of his new furniture from old pieces. He also sells smaller items that everyone in the family can enjoy, among them a wooden iPad stand and a basketball hoop with a rustic wooden backboard.

Lemon Tree Soapery

This family-owned shop produces soaps, bath bombs and other bath and body products.

Creators Heather and Linda Mazzarella started their shop on Etsy in 2015 for products they describe as “healthy and skin loving.” Their soaps include a variety of scents, such as lavender and lemon. Many of their bath products are colorful and creative, including bath bombs in the shape of donuts, pots of gold and even one of the Buddha.

For those passionate about Pittsburgh, Lemon Tree Soapery also sells “Yinzer” soaps and bath bombs.


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Elevated Woodworking

The operator of a one-man woodworking shop, Noah Lorang makes handcrafted furniture and wood art, but his biggest sellers are his interlocking, 3D wooden maps of the United States.

Each state is represented by a different variety of wood — including walnut, maple, oak and cherry — resulting in a map that’s as diverse as the country it represents.

Lorang, who majored in engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, also creates wooden topographic maps of other countries, states and counties, including a map of Allegheny County grooved with the region’s three rivers.

Map sizes range from refrigerator-sized magnets to large wall hangings


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