Fit in Five

Personal trainers Janet Hoffman and Maria Beth Silverio of Squirrel Hill’s Silverio Hoffman Fitness present five beginner tips for getting pool-side ready.


  • Get in gear. Wearing the right fitness shoe is essential to beginner workouts and can decrease the risk of ankle, knee and hip injuries. Have an expert at your local shoe store fit you based on your fitness level and the intensity of workout you’ll be doing. For workout clothing, look for fabrics that have high nylon and polyester content, which will prevent you from overheating and will wick moisture away from the body. 
  • Snack healthier. Eating healthy foods between meals boosts metabolism, which helps burn fat and calories. Try an apple with a tablespoon of all-natural peanut butter, one-half cup of cottage cheese with five strawberries or one handful of almonds.
  • Say “no” to soda. Cut back on soda, which is high in calories and acid content and can cause dehydration and mineral depletion, by substituting flavored seltzer water.
  • Keep it interesting. Incorporate different activities and a variety of equipment. Alternate strength training with cardio workouts, and keep your workout time to around 30 to 45 minutes, four times a week. Try getting outside for a brisk walk. Even playing an intense game of tennis on Nintendo Wii can help work up a sweat.
  • Rest up. New reports say that getting six to eight hours of sleep a night is essential to weight loss. A lack of sleep can cause levels of the stress hormone cortisol to rise, which has been known to increase appetite. A good night’s sleep also promotes healthy cell growth and helps immune systems function effectively.


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