First Came Instagram, Now McQueen Building Co. is Opening an Online Store

Geoff and Christine McQueen’s shop will offer a plethora of home decor and furnishings.

Established in 2017, McQueen Building Company, a design-build firm based in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, came to fruition through the right-and-left-brain of husband-wife duo Geoff and Christine McQueen. 

While Geoff got his start in millwork and cabinetry design, Christine used to refinish barnwood tables, which she sold on Etsy.  

“I had an entrepreneurial spirit in a different way than Geoff did. Geoff is very organized and focused and I’m more creative and more free,” Christine says. “I think both of our personalities work really well with how McQueen Building Company has come along, because we do need a creative side with the design portion and a structured side with the build portion.”

Now, the couple, who have four children, are readying for the next venture 一 the opening of McQueen Home, an online decor and furnishing shop that will features custom lighting, furniture, rugs and decor, including candles, blankets and pillows.

“I really love a lot of the lamps and there’s this pair of brass armadillos that are just adorable and whimsical,” Christine says of the offerings. 

Christine says the couple hopes to launch the site on Labor Day. 


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Since the firm’s founding five years ago, McQueen Building Company has grown rapidly, something Christine credits to Instagram, where the couple often document their home improvement projects. Since teaming up with local social media branding company Marble and Match, as well as photographer Erin Kelly, the page has gained more than 8,000 followers.

“We did a kitchen project for a couple who owns a social media marketing company called Marble and Match. We became friends with them and we hired them to help with our branding and social media,” Christine says. “We’re always very much involved in the posting 一 we want it to sound like us and look like us.”

In the next year, Christine says she and Geoff also hope to open a brick-and-mortar storefront in the South Hills.

“We’ve really wanted to lead up to having a real store that people can enjoy and order what they need from the vendors we’ve worked with through McQueen Building Company,” she says. “It’s going to be a light-hearted shop where people can find something small that they love, like a little handmade notecard, or they can get a sectional in their custom fabric.”

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