Finding Your Fit: Choosing the Right Headpiece

Deciding between a headpiece or veil for your wedding can be daunting. We reached out to local Pittsburgh brides to hear why they picked these picture-perfect headpieces over a more traditional choice.



You have your dress, shoes, and hairstyle chosen for your big day. All that is missing is the icing on top of the cake — your headpiece.

Your bridal headpiece is more than just something that is worn once and kept in a box alongside the wedding dress in the back of your closet — it is a statement piece, and it should be chosen with your style and preferences in mind.

Some brides are choosing to take a more modern approach and steer clear of traditional, long veils. Simple headpieces can be more manageable and can be worn throughout the wedding and the reception. We talked to three brides who each chose something different to help you decide on the direction to take.

Photo by Rachel Tokarski


Matthew Rockey and Crystal Warheit tied the knot on April 24, 2015. Warheit paired her sweetheart neckline and simple strand of pearls with a distinct headpiece from The Winner in Sharon, Pa.

“I was looking for something unique that you don’t see on every other bride,” she says. “I loved the piece as soon as I saw it.”

She wore the headpiece, which was adorned with beading and lace, across her forehead.

Photo by Hot Metal Studio


Pedro Maiz and Christine Waller celebrated their marriage on May 9. Not wanting to distract from her six-foot garland of greens and white roses in lieu of her bouquet with a long veil, she chose to take an elegant approach with a bandeau veil.

“I’ve always loved the elegance of brides from the early half of the 20th century and really wanted to recreate that style,” she says.

She also went the more creative route and constructed her own veil with various materials and pieces of fabric, spending less than $15 on the headpiece.

Photo by Lady of the Lens


David Rueda and Mary Anzio exchanged vows on July 10, 2015. Anzio chose a gold floral-shaped headpiece she wore as a headband that was covered by pearls for a more vintage approach.

“I chose my headpiece because I felt that it made a statement without taking attention away from my dress,” she says. “It also reminded me of a crown and made me feel like a princess.”


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