Finding Sunshine on a Rainy Wedding Day in Pittsburgh

You don’t always need blue skies and sunshine to have a beautiful and memorable wedding. One couple shares their advice on making the most of a rainy wedding day and what to do when the forecast is less than ideal.

Photos by SkySight Photography


Is it good luck to have rain on your wedding day?

We can’t know for sure, but one couple definitely did get lucky with gloomy weather. Even though their wedding was rained out, they now have gorgeous pictures to remember forever.

When Erin Tunney and Justin Pityk were planning their wedding set for Oct. 24, 2015, Justin let Erin take complete control save for one specific detail: the location. “[Justin’s] only request was to be married on the golf course at Oakmont Country Club,” Erin says. “He always admired the golf course and the history behind it.”

Although availability was scarce, the couple chose Oct. 24 and hoped the weather would cooperate. “Justin continuously talked about how amazing our photos would be and how beautiful and memorable a wedding ceremony on that golf course would be,” says Erin.  

Unfortunately, rain forced the ceremony onto a covered patio overlooking the golf course.


The storm clouds didn’t dampen the couple’s spirits.

“It ended up being a very romantic and intimate ceremony,” Erin says. “The rain softly hit the awning as we said our vows.”

They wanted to make the most of their day even if the weather wasn’t ideal, so they headed out into the rain to take some beautiful umbrella pictures together.


The only thing missing was a photo on the golf course Justin loved so much. It wasn’t until that night that their photographer suggested they brave the rain to get at least a few photos on the golf course. “Our amazing photographer had a beautiful vision,” Erin says. “It was stunning.”

The result is this incredible picture of Erin and Justin with the rain falling around.


So what are you to do if the forecast calls for rain on your special day? Erin has some advice for future brides.

“The best advice we were given was to accept the unexpected. If I could offer any advice to future brides it would be just that,” Erin says. “From the moment I woke up, I focused on enjoying every moment of the day.”

She tried not to stress about the weather, her hair or the photos. “Things that you may worry or stress about just might end up turning out for the best. The rain wasn’t something we hoped for, but in a strange way it kind of added something.”

“Don’t waste a minute worrying or stressing about anything,” she says. “The day is about the two of you.”


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