Find Some Invertebrate Rhythm with Beats and Jelly

Have you experienced Jellyfish yet? If not, check out the event at its first birthday party on Sept. 7.

photo by Sean Carroll

If you are charmed by the pulsating iridescence of jellyfish moving en masse — perhaps while listening to disco — check out the human equivalent at the Jellyfish dance night. The popular monthly party was started a year ago by DJs Ricky Moslen, Adam Shuck and Stephanie Tsong. It sprang from conversations the trio of friends were having about their deep dives into favorite genres — new wave, Italo disco, post-punk — and their desire to create a vibe missing in other parties around town: something fresh and diverse but still comfortable.

While the general genre of the party stays the same, each month has a different sound, which the DJs attribute to their ever-expanding musical library. The trio has found strength in digging deep into their interests and delighting in exploration, hopefully bringing the crowd along with them. “When people come up to talk to me about the party, they always mention two things,” says Moslen, “that the music is always catchy and fresh, and that they love the diverse crowd.”

Queer-friendly P Town Bar is a perfect fit for Jellyfish. The bar straddles the border of North Oakland and Bloomfield, centrally located but off the normal foot-traffic path (which makes Jellyfish’s clientele mostly people who have made a point of getting there). That idea of community is essential to Jellyfish. In addition to special events (which this summer included a courtyard disco and a set on the P Town Endless Summer cruise on the Gateway Clipper), the trio uses the Jellyfish Facebook page ( to share songs, videos, articles and relevant events. They also maintain a Soundcloud page featuring their mixes and share playlists via Facebook after each party. Bringing the audience into their process of discovery, Shuck says, is a huge part of the fun.

“People are hearing things for the first time and saying, ‘This is my new favorite song.’”

Jellyfish is hosting a free first-birthday party starting at 10 p.m. on Sept. 7. Check out its Facebook page and Soundcloud to see if the sound is something that makes you want to move your tentacles.

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