Fashionably Frugal in Bloomfield

Confession of the Week: Call me Mrs. Randall, or Mrs. Ran-with-it-all. When I see a deal I leave nothing left for the next girl.

What can I say? I love a bargain and I’m always on the hunt for them. So when I was sitting in traffic a few weeks back on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield, my car was at a standstill in front of this cool boutique. It’s a new, urban shop called Michelle’s. As luck would have it there was a parking spot on the corner two doors down. I ripped into the spot from parking heaven and high-tailed it into the store.

As I stepped into Michelle’s it was like I was transported to New York City (Bloomfield, or Little Italy as it’s known, has been referred to as having a bit of a New York edge). Denim, cool shoes and dresses with flair were ready for browsing. It’s a boutique that carries metropolitan, urban styles for the early 20s to mid-30s woman who has a budget to consider.

I found great ankle gladiator-style sandals and wedges (both $10/each), both by Pierre Dumas and high heel pumps ($20) by Fahrenheit. Plus, summer dresses, blouses and skirts so affordable you’ll need to visit Michelle’s yourself to believe the prices— the range for these fashion finds are from $20-$50 a piece.

My wrap-up confession: I didn’t buy up the whole store and I left something for the next girl(s)—more budget-conscious frugalistas on their way through Bloomfield.

Visit Michelle’s, 4718 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield; 412/231-1900.