Farmers Market Comes to Carlow Campus

The idea is to provide students with healthy food options that they can cook or store in their rooms.

photo via flickr creative commons


Students, faculty and staff at Carlow University now have a healthy and convenient place to buy groceries every week — right on campus. The University has partnered with Farm Truck Foods to open a weekly farmer’s market at the school, an idea presented by the Healthy Campus 2020 Coalition at Carlow, an organization on campus dedicated to emphasizing healthy living.

“This is a great opportunity for our resident students to purchase healthy foods to keep in their rooms for snacks or to prepare a meal,” says Mary Frances Reidell, the director of Health Services at Carlow and member of the Healthy Campus 2020 Coalition, in a press release. She also says that this will be a great asset for off-campus students without a grocery store nearby and for faculty, because they’ll no longer need to stop at the store on their way home after work.

Farm Truck Foods opened in 2015, and two of its three founders hold master’s degrees in business administration from the school. Their mission is to “motivate, encourage and empower the people they reach” to eat healthy and live better lives. In line with their mission, they will sell mostly organic and locally grown and raised produce, dairy, meat, grains and more at the market.

The farmer’s market, which started Jan. 19, will be held from noon until 1:30 p.m. every Tuesday on the first floor of the University Commons.


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