Fall Weddings 2018

Weddings editor Lauren Davidson recalls her own wedding day.

Was your wedding day the best day of your life?”

So many of our Real Pittsburgh Couples made that claim in their stories for this issue that Pittsburgh Magazine Editor Brian Hyslop posed the question to me.

“Probably,” I replied. I had never really thought about what my “best” day was.

While the birth days of my two children were certainly significant, I couldn’t bring myself to rank those two days — blurred with pain meds and hospital food and nurses buzzing about — higher than my wedding day. My sons’ baptism days, their birthday celebrations each year and some normal, everyday fun days have probably been among my best. Each day of my honeymoon in Italy ranks up there — days filled with the best food I’ve ever eaten and lazily exploring European treasures. Perhaps my college graduation, a day filled with family and a night spent with my best friends in complete celebration.
It’s arguable my best day is yet to come, or that such a concept is not worth thinking about; each day has possibility, and there’s nothing gained by comparison.

But my conclusion was right where I started, “Probably.” 

Years later, I remember every detail of my wedding day, from my parents accidentally (and comically) driving off with my get-ready bag when I arrived at their house to prep for the day with my bridesmaids, to happily greeting guests in the back of the church as I waited to walk down the aisle, to the bacon lollipops and cheesecake bar we offered at our reception.

There’s such a build up to that one day. You spend so many hours and days — and probably too much money — planning every detail. It’s filled with all your favorite people — after all, you created the guest list — and the same with the food and the music. You also chose any special touches, be it giving a donation to a cause that has meaning to you or displaying pictures of your grandparents at their wedding. 

It’s a day filled with love, and best day or not, it’s worth celebrating.

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