Fabulous Florals: Make Your Bouquets Your Own

These Pittsburgh brides create variations on classic bouquets and arrangements.

photo by libby hilf photography

Flowers Forever
Alyssa Gaston knew she wanted rustic flowers to fit the bohemian theme of her wedding to Adam Bania on July 31, 2015. She decided sola flowers — faux flowers made from balsa wood — would be perfect. “They come in so many different sizes, colors and types,” Alyssa says. “They are also so much more cost-effective than regular flowers.” Alyssa’s mother made all of the bouquets and boutonnieres by hand. “They came out so much prettier than I could have ever imagined,” Alyssa says. “They fit my theme perfectly, and I love that they are forever. I actually still have my bouquet and use it as a decoration in our home, as does one of my bridesmaids.”

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Art Deco Arrangement
Amber Doerfler had a lot of ideas for flowers when she married Adam Minnaugh on Oct. 10. Hydrangeas and decorative bird cages were a must, fitting for the reception at the Hotel Monaco, Downtown, known for its art deco decor. Amber worked with the owner of Z Florist in Shaler, who achieved the perfect look by skimming through Amber’s Pinterest finds. She recommended pearls and ostrich feathers and perfected the flowers at the reception venue. “Once arriving in the ballroom, my jaw dropped,” Amber says. “Every single flower arrangement on every table was different, with both high and low arrangements, bird cages, ostrich feathers — everything I discussed with him, he created — but better.”

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Paying Homage to Pets
Alexandra Gredence found a way to pay tribute to her dog and horse when she walked down the aisle to marry Matthew Andromalos on Sept. 18 by pinning tags to her bouquet from Export Floral. “I have had my horse since I was 10 years old, and he was a major part of my life growing up and essential to who I am today,” Alexandra says. “My husband … and I got our dog Brick just after we moved into our first apartment together, and he is undoubtedly one of the best decisions we ever made. Our animals are a huge part of my life, and I wanted to find some way to keep them close to me on the big day.”

photo by alison mish photography

Family Knows Best
When Corrine Barton was planning her wedding to Brandon Pfaff, she knew she wouldn’t have to look far for help with flowers. Her family’s business, Barton’s Flowers and Bake Shop in Elizabeth, Pa., made sure all was perfect for the wedding day on Jan. 23. Corrine’s father and sisters spearheaded not only the floral arrangements, but they also made the cake and cookies. “[My father] has a talent for taking the opinions the bride has and making them come to fruition even better than they had expected,” Corrine says. “I was honored to showcase my father’s and sisters’ work that day.”


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