Expert Designer Shows You How to Use Art to Complete Your Home

Interior designer Vicci Franz shares her process for helping art enthusiasts showcase their favorite pieces.


When you think of an interior design project, the first thing that probably comes to mind is furnishings, room layout or paint color — not artwork. 

But according to interior designer Vicci Franz, art enthusiasts often want to know the best way to showcase the pieces they’ve acquired in their home — and any future pieces they may purchase. 


“I am often asked to consider my client’s art within my interior design renovations,” she says. “Art is capable of being the focus of a room, or it can be a complimentary part of the entire composition.” 

For Franz, the interior design process changes when considering artwork. She and her team first review the pieces that a client already owns, noting each piece’s characteristics such as size, color and style. They then look at the layout of the rooms where the art will be placed, considering sight lines and how the room and its adjacent spaces will impact the placement of the art. 


“We design the space to best accomplish the clients’ desired outcome,” Franz says. 

After the logistics of a room layout are in place, Franz dives into the design details, contemplating the colors and materials needed to provide an appropriate backdrop for the artwork. Lighting is also considered; things like color temperature, fixture placement and intensity all play a role in how a piece is viewed. 

“We also consider the experience of viewing the art during the day versus in the evening, and the role lighting plays in this experience,” Franz says. 


As a final step, the design of the wall surface (or area in the room for sculptures) is composed and presented to the owners for their review and approval. 

“Through careful consideration of all the design elements above, you are sure to have an interior worthy of your own private showing,” Franz says. 

Vicci and her team are ready to work with you on a sophisticated solution for your home. Learn more at

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