Everything We Do—We Do It Big

Black and yellow leaves a mark on Pittsburgh’s wedding scene.

Photo by Christopher Gooden

Choosing whom to invite to your wedding isn’t always a “choice.” Your father insists that you invite your weird Bigfoot-hunting great-uncle you haven’t seen in 10 years; your sister wants to bring her rocker boyfriend who will probably wear torn jeans and make multiple speed-metal requests at the reception; your mother insists her entire wine-guzzling book club must be invited or she’ll never be able to show her face again, not even when they start their six-week, page-by-page dissection of 50 Shades of Grey. It’s enough to turn a placid bride into a snarling bridezilla.

But ’Burgh brides can have the final say on one very important guest: the city they love. The brides and grooms featured on this page incorporated Pittsburgh into their 2012 weddings ­— making room for bridges, fireworks, Kennywood and fistfuls of Terrible Towels.

These lovebirds painted their memories on a canvas of Pittsburgh’s skyline — and even the oddest guest couldn’t dull the beauty of these masterpieces.

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