Enjoying the Ride Until I Get to Dance with My Bride

Mr. Right weighs in on wedding-planning from the groom's perspective.

I never would have thought the last eleven months since she said “yes” would elapse so quickly, but here we are.  Twenty-five days and counting. The month of our September wedding has finally arrived! 

My soon-to-be bride has asked me to pinch hit this week and write about the progress of our wedding planning from the groom’s perspective. Here goes nothing.

I consider myself to be a conscientious and detail-oriented man. Probably a perfectionist to a fault. But I must admit, I’m sure like most guys, the details of the previous weddings that I have attended went completely unnoticed by me. From the sentimental favors to the color-coordinated table centerpieces, music selections to the choreographed seating charts, guest-list protocol to thoughtful hotel gift bags left for your out-of-town guests, there is MUCH that escaped me. Don’t get me started on learning the importance of a timely R.S.V.P.  But now I am in the know. And I am enjoying the experience. (Well, most of the experience.  Ask me in October how her much-requested brown tuxedos look on my groomsmen and me.)

Don’t get me wrong, I know a good wedding when I experience one, I just had no idea what level of thought (or money!) goes into planning one.

I have spent over ten hours at Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics looking at ribbony-stuff, books of fancy paper that look like reams of wallpaper samples from the 1950s and flower-girl-flower baskets. I got blisters punching holes in our home-made wedding invitations. I spent an afternoon using a chainsaw to cut logs for the “key ingredient” to the ideal reception table centerpiece my fiancé envisions. I have lost sleep over the guest list and solicited advice from seemingly everywhere but on high on the liquor vs. beer conundrum. I know now that daisies come in white, off-white, ivory, ivory-with-brown centers, and even neon orange and pink. I learned a nice poem, it goes, “something old, something new, something borrowed…” (or is that a haiku?)

Planning our wedding has been modestly stressful. It has taken up a lot of our free time as we try to do a lot of what we can ourselves or with the help of our family and friends. We have foregone some opportunities in order to try to save all we can and make our day special. Sure there has been some tension and conflict, mostly because I overlook the details or impatiently demand to just “make a decision!”

But it is all starting to come together, and I am getting excited for our big day. I want September 25 to be everything Lisa dreams it will be. And if getting out of my comfort zone and helping iron out some of the details now will help her enjoy more what lies ahead, it is  worth it. It has been a great experience, full of things we will always remember.

And hey, at least I got to spend a whole afternoon in the woods using a chainsaw, right?