Enchanting Summery Trends to Illuminate Your Wedding Palette

You’ll definitely want to pin these new summer wedding trends to your Pinterest board.

Summer wedding season has quickly approached, and the trends you can expect to see this year are enchanting. Among the most popular fads are using an abundance of greenery to create a woodland fantasy and incorporating pops of color into your wedding palette to liven up the dance floor.
Pittsburgh Magazine spoke with wedding planners from Poppy Events and The Event Group who offered insight into these trends that could be here to stay.

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The Green Scene

Adding greenery to a wedding scheme can add both a subtle sense of innocence and a woodland, fairytale-like aesthetic.
“As a basis, greenery was named Pantone’s color of the year … we think that had some play into why we are seeing greenery so frequently,” says Gina Carroll, director of events at The Event Group.
Planners at The Event Group as well as Poppy Events agree that decorating with some greenery gives an organic and natural feel to a wedding. Christine LeDonne, a partner at Poppy Events, says that the use of a lot of greens is seen frequently in winter weddings with garland accents and wreaths hung for the Christmas warmth. However, summer greenery presents itself as “more fresh,” she says.
The planners at Poppy Events say that using eucalyptus leaves, sage leaves and even figleaves can create a “whimsical” adornment when they’re placed in centerpieces and other decor.
Greens are not just being used in the decor, but bridal accessories as well. Crowns of greenery, and shades incorporated into hairpieces and jewelry, are very popular will be very popular this summer. “A bride even wore a boa of greenery instead of a bouquet,” says Katy Simovski, also a partner at Poppy Events.


Bold Colors, Bold Move

Choosing to add a bright color into your wedding palette, whether it be a pouty pink or a pretty periwinkle, can liven up the atmosphere at your wedding. But planners say there is a fine line between a “pop” of color and overpowering the wedding venue with bright color. Finding the right color to use — and where — is a job for a professional, say the ladies at The Event Group and Poppy Events.
Planners at The Event Group say that using the ombre technique — taking a color and reducing its intensity by shading down into a lighter version of the color — will help “mute” the bold hue into a soft and approachable color scheme.
“If someone likes purple, you would want to steer away from white and purple. You could use purple and lavender to make it look softer,” says Carroll.


As for Poppy Events, one way they like to incorporate bright colors is within the food. Whether through a specialty drink or food table display, they say food and drink is a fun and unique way to create a colorful aesthetic.

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