Electric Dreams

Locally born electronic-music collaborative Pittsburgh Track Authority is turning heads.

Photo by Joey Kennedy


What began as a chance meeting at a record store in the late 1990s evolved into one of the more interesting groups in Pittsburgh’s music scene. Preslav Lefterov, Thomas Cox and Adam Ratana, three city-dwellers jointly known as Pittsburgh Track Authority, began as drum-and-bass DJs — but found that their tastes “transitioned into other styles of music, such as house, disco, dub and dancehall.”

After dropping a new single, “Giza,” on Chicago’s Argot Records, the crew is looking forward to forthcoming releases on small imprints in Atlanta and the U.K. — not to mention three of its own labels. Combine that with buzzworthy shows from Chicago to Brooklyn (and a nod from MTV Hive), and you have a reputation that’s grabbing attention.

“Our production is rooted in classic American dance music styles,” says the PTA, collectively. “However, we also love and are influenced by a variety of other kinds of music — and try to incorporate that feel into what we do.” With increased exposure and a penchant for stellar song craftsmanship, the group is poised to introduce its musical brand to the masses.

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