Eerie Visit: Flying Above Abandoned Amusement Park

What's left of the Geauga Lake amusement park is the subject of a haunting aerial video that's both sad and fascinating to watch.


Although it's closer to Cleveland than Pittsburgh, the Geauga Lake amusement park was a popular summer destination for thousands of people in western Pennsylvania. For more than a century, the park entertained guests with its thrill rides, water park and swimming. The park's owner, Cedar Fair (owner of Cedar Point) closed Geauga Lake in 2007, three years after purchasing the park. Only the water park remains open. 

This video, shot by a camera mounted to a drone, is stark evidence that little of what made this such an entertaining destination remains. The only ride still standing is the abandoned Big Dipper wooden roller coaster. 

Nine years after its closing, efforts continue to sell or develop the former park's more than 500 acres.


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