Drive-Through Ashes Speed The Faithful on Ash Wednesday

For the sixth year running, visitors to a small church in White Oak received ashes without having to get out of their cars.

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A small church on Lincoln Way in White Oak caused a traffic jam early Wednesday morning. For the sixth year running, Faith Lutheran Church held its annual “drive through ashes,” where people could receive ashes for Ash Wednesday, in the front parking lot of the church without having to leave their cars.

Pastor William B Meekins Jr. of McKeesport Shared Ministry and Pastor Jessica McClure Archer of Sampson’s Mills Presbyterian Church joined Pastor Michael Ryan of Faith Lutheran in distributing ashes. The pastors handed out ashes Wednesday morning from 6 to 9 a.m.

“This is the busiest we’ve ever been,” says Ryan. “We’ve probably had over 100 cars come through.”

Pastor Meekins moved to the area two years ago and this is his first time doing something like this.

“This provides a great opportunity for busy folks to still receive ashes while reminding them of why today is important on their way to work,” says Meekins. 

Ryan said this is the first time they’ve had a traffic jam. The event was featured on KDKA, which Ryan thinks played a part in the big turnout. 

“It’s a joy to be out here doing this,” says Archer. “It gives us a whole different angle of who people are and what they need.” 

The ashes were made the night prior at a psalm burning held at Faith Lutheran Church. Ashes are also available throughout the day at the church.  

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