Dressing Up Wedding Tables: Celebrate the Centerpieces

See how four Pittsburgh couples used table decor to enhance their wedding themes.

The perfect color scheme, a flawless gown and carefully selected venue all are important to creating a cohesive wedding theme. But one aspect has the power to bring an added touch of elegance, beauty or playfulness: the centerpieces. Here’s a look at what some Pittsburgh couples used to dress up the tables at their receptions.

photo by Caitlin Thomas Photography


Claire Kimmich and Nick Haggard enhanced their reception at Heinz Field with cohesive and detailed centerpieces filling the length of guests’ long tables. Wooden frames act as the perfect base for the dainty glass hanging lanterns, with copper vases of succulents adding to the woodsy theme.

photo by Elizabeth Craig Photography


A simple yet effective splash of color to a classic table dressing, this centerpiece at the wedding of Katie Mulkern and Joe Sidhom incorporates beautiful white lilies surrounded by water, aqua stones and a tea candle gracing the top. It goes to show that a centerpiece doesn’t have to be over-the-top or elaborate to have an impact.

photo by Palermo Photography


In keeping with their carnival theme, Rachael Cooper and Tim Bronder got playful with their tables’ centerpieces. From the popcorn boxes filled with flowers to the scattered raffle tickets and merry-go-round horses, it’s clear guests were in for a fun night.

photo by Alison Mish Photography


Corrine Barton and Brandon Pfaff used used pristine white decor with rustic yet sophisticated details like candles and greenery throughout their centerpieces. Barton’s Bake Shop, the bride’s family business, created the table-toppers (along with the cake), adding an extra personal touch. With miniature trees acting as centerpieces on some tables and cozy lanterns on others, this winter wedding was far from cold.


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