Ding Dong the Lease is Dead

Yesterday, City Council put the final nail in the coffin that is the parking lease by overwhelmingly voting against it.

Despite a last ditch show of support by the unions and appeals by Alan Lazowski, the man who would have become Pittsburgh’s new parking king, City Council yesterday put the final nail in the coffin that is the parking lease by overwhelmingly voting against it, with just one vote in favor and one abstention.

Of course, this greatly displeased the mayor, but greatly pleased me.

Hey, you can’t win ’em all, Lukey.

"I cannot and will not be held responsible for actions of City Council no matter how irresponsible I find those actions to be," he said.

That sentence doesn’t make sense, does it? It falls apart near the end there. Took a wrong turn. A Pittsburgh left.

I would like to say that I believe City Council did the RESPONSIBLE thing by voting down a half-century lease of city-owned assets while taking on the responsibility of finding a viable alternative.

The easy way out, I think, would have been to just vote the thing through and hope they’re not on council anymore when things went south. Fifty years is a long time, after all.

I don’t think anyone is surprised that the parking lease was met with so much opposition. The privatization of city assets as a band-aid on a growing wound that results in much higher parking rates? Of course that’s going to be opposed.

Oh, wait. There is ONE person who was surprised. Alan Lazowski:

Mr. Lazowski said he was "elated" to be selected the winning bidder Sept 20 but disappointed to quickly learn that the city was deeply divided on the lease project.

"We were surprised, obviously," he said. "Everyone in the infrastructure world is surprised."


I’m guessing Mr. Lazowski was trying to scare City Council into saying, "Hmm. The entire infrastructure world is surprised we’re opposed to this. Gosh darn it, maybe we lowly council persons are making a mistake listening to the people. After all, we’re talking about EVERYONE IN THE INFRASTRUCTURE WORLD."

Either that, or SOMEONE forgot to do a SWOT analysis when deciding to reply to the RFP because if he had, he would have stumbled upon article after article after news report here in Pittsburgh about opposition to the lease from the day it was announced.

If you’d done your homework, Mr. Lazowski, this would have been the first item in the Threats column: The people.

Thank God for the people.

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