Delicious Design: Our Cookie Table Contest Winner & Runners-Up

These Pittsburgh couples certainly know how to bring the cookie table tradition to life.

Runners Up

Photo By Samantha Rupert

David Williams & Cortney Falce
November 26, 2016

Knowing husband-to-be, David Williams, was a huge superhero fan — Superman, in particular — Cortney Falce wanted to surprise him with superhero-themed desserts at their wedding.

She contacted local Food Stylist AnneMarie Leyden with the concept and watched as friends and family alike came together to make it happen. Eleven bakers contributed more than 200 dozen cookies in 47 varieties, including wedding cake Oreos, pecan squares, gobs, Russian tea cookies and more.

“That all of our family and friends were willing to spend their time to bake, and all those hours of preparation, was really special,” says Cortney.

Photo by Amanda Brisco

Brad Bell & Chelsie Kozera
September 24, 2016

Brad Bell and Chelsie Kozera both grew up in the Pittsburgh area and went to college outside of Pennsylvania, so their wedding guests represented around 14 different states. With so many out-of-towners, they knew they had to do the Pittsburgh cookie table justice.

Chelsie’s mom orchestrated the cookie-gathering, relying on a close friend to make about 15 dozen — the majority of the spread. Chelsie’s aunt and Brad’s mother were also part of the team, and together they supplied peanut-butter blossoms, lemon bars, fudge brownies and more. The couple also worked with their venue, Shady Elms Farms, to pull together a design that fit their “outdoor, chic, farm wedding.”

Photo by Lorraine Hennemuth

Guy Bedola & Julia Stewart-Smith
September 4, 2015

For the design of their cookie table, Julia Stewart-Smith and Guy Bedola relied on their friend, Lorraine Hennemuth. According to Julia, Lorraine came up with the design concept all on her own. For the baking, though, the couple relied on both of their large families and their friends, who together made dozens of chocolate-chip, peanut butter blossoms and other classics.

Guy’s favorite addition was the Italian lemon cookies that his mother made, using his grandmother’s recipe. For Julia, it was the exotic Brazilian dessert, brigadieros, prepared by her preschool teacher.

And the winner is…

Marcel Dufresne & Amanda Dernosek
September 30, 2016

Photos by Dena Galie Weddings

After Amanda Dernosek got engaged to Marcel Dufresne, she quickly got a call from a close friend's mother, Lorraine Hennemuth, who insisted on designing her cookie table, which we’ve named the winner of our bi-annual contest.

According to Amanda, “a small army of friends and family” helped make the treats for her September wedding. Her table included more than 20 dozen chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, caramel cookies, her favorite pumpkin cookies made by her aunt and a s’mores station.



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