“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” Offers Children Comfort from Pandemic

The Emmy-winning animated program is not immune from concerns about COVID-19 and provides reassurance to its young viewers.


The Fred Rogers Production of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood“ kicks off its fifth season this week by dealing with the pandemic. In an episode titled “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Won’t You Sing Along With Me?”, Daniel learns that one of his favorite events, the Neighborhood Carnival, has been canceled this year to help prevent the spread of the virus. The episode focuses on Daniel’s feelings and questions, including what to do when he misses the people he loves, how to keep himself and others healthy, and how to find ways to enjoy the extra time at home with his family and friends – including the audience at home.

“Season 5 of ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ will showcase even more relatable storylines and fresh musical strategies to help keep preschoolers learning, growing, and navigating the world around them,” said Paul Siefken, president and CEO of Fred Rogers Productions.

“In addition to the upcoming special, the season will include episodes about sudden changes at school, separation from family members, staying safe, hospital stays, respecting one’s personal space, disappointment, generosity, and grown-ups taking care of you.”

In the 20 episodes of its new season, Daniel and his friends will learn gentle lessons that include managing sibling rivalry, missing people when they’re far away, being “big enough” to do things alone, coping with accidents and the importance of listening and following rules.

Parents can find “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” a spin-off of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” on PBS stations as well as online. In addition to the show, a new digital “Dance Party” game is available online at PBSKids.org and in the PBS Kids app.

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