Creative Capital

This fall, several Pittsburgh universities received a windfall of federal and private grants to pursue groundbreaking research and development for everything from flying robot soldiers to spicy curry.

Here are just a few examples of the creative capital flowing into our region:

$400,000 to University of Pittsburgh

For: Furthering research of the properties of an Indian curry spice called curcumin, which has the potential to reduce memory loss and treat dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

From: Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

$988,000 to Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute

For: The development of a military vehicle that can morph Transformers-style into an aircraft for special missions. Since the vehicle will be able to fly itself without a pilot, Megan Fox will not be involved.

From: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

$1,600,000 to Duquesne University

For: The creation of Java computer software that will analyze language in documents in order to determine authorship. The software can be used to analyze anything from disputed historical texts to potentially plagiarized student research papers.

From: National Science Foundation

$2,000,000 to University of Pittsburgh

For: Researching the toxicity of carbon nanotubes, the wonder-material that may shape the future of manufacturing everything from cars to skyscrapers—but also may be hazardous to our health.

From: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

$7,100,000 to Carnegie Mellon University

For: The future of the Internet. More precisely, the creation of a safer, more secure and reliable
Internet architecture, free of phishing attacks, security breaches and spam (well, actually, spam is probably here to stay).

From: National Science Foundation

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