Couples Keep it Cool with Ice Cream Desserts

There is wedding cake and there are cookie tables, but dessert possibilities don’t end there.

Few aspects of a Pittsburgh wedding are more sacred than the cookie table. But who says you need to stop there? We asked these two brides how they ventured away from tradition and added ice cream to the menu.

photos By Rachel rowland


A Non-Traditional Treat

For Kelley Coonelly, a cake just didn’t have an appeal.

“I don’t know why I had that thought process,” she says. “[It was] a lot of money just to cut the cake, so we figured we may as well just do something unique and fun.”

Kelley and her husband, Glenn Stanzione, decided to have an ice cream bar, provided by Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt, for their Nov. 12 wedding. Kelley says not only was it delicious, but it also added to the décor of the reception with its assortment of fun colors.


The dessert alternative was well-received by most, Kelley says, but in hindsight, she thinks it would have been beneficial to have had a small cake, as well.

“My mom was laughing,” she says. “She couldn’t believe there was no cake. I think we definitely upset a few people who were expecting [cake].”

Still, Kelley is happy with the decision to include the ice cream bar, as it made her wedding more personal.

“I’ve always been an ice cream fan,” she says. “I used to work in an ice cream shop, so it felt reminiscent of that.”

photos by christopher duggan


A Very, Very Sweet Reception

Traditional wedding cake did have an appeal for Emily Urda and Chris Radke, who married Sept. 17, 2016 — it just wasn’t enough.

“So basically, both my husband and I are huge dessert people,” says Emily. “So we had wedding cake and an entire dessert assortment … an entire dessert tent.”


Aside from the tables of pies, tarts and cookies, Emily says ice cream parfaits, which were passed around to each table, were an important element. The couple offered a vanilla and fruit option and a chocolate-caramel.

“I think it was probably something a lot of people hadn’t seen before,” says Emily. “A lot of them know how big of ice cream lovers my husband and I are; [they were] not surprised.”

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