Core Values

A workout with a Penguins connection can help you flex your way to fitness.

Photo courtesy Core Stix


Exercise equipment often is intimidating and/or bulky, so it sits untouched. Pittsburgh Penguins strength and conditioning coach Mike Kadar knows how to motivate others to get moving with Core Stix, the training device he co-developed with former NASA engineer Kregg Koch.

The low-maintenance, American-made unit works out the entire body as users flex the Stix from various positions. Users can increase or decrease workout intensity based on the placement of their hands on the two rods and how close they stand to them; the rods are removable and permit experimentation with resistance levels and positions.

You can test Core Stix at Fullbody Fitness Club, the only studio in Pittsburgh to offer classes. Instructor Jennifer Hoffman incorporates the equipment into circuits that test strength and determination via simple movements.

After trying Core Stix, you’ll forget about ordering that Gazelle Sprintmaster Elite from HSN.

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