Come Hang Out and Party on The New Greenfield Bridge

Everyone is invited to celebrate the end of two years of delays and detours.

photo by sabrina bodon


To celebrate the opening of the new Greenfield Bridge, the Greenfield Community Association is  hosting a party at the site on Oct. 14.

A party also marked the old bridge’s closure two years ago.

“In official terms, this is the ribbon cutting for the bridge,” Patrick Hassett, assistant director of the department of mobility and infrastructure, said. “While the closure was a celebration of the history, this celebration is looking to the future.”

For the most part, the celebration will take place on the bridge and spill out into the Greenfield neighborhood and Schenley Park. A ribbon cutting ceremony is set for 7 p.m.

The bridge is able to hold approximately 3,000 people and will host food trucks, bounce houses and life-sized bowling for a full day of fun.

City of Play, an alternative recreation design company, was commissioned by the GCA to create an immersive day-long scavenger hunt based on Pittsburgh and Greenfield history.

“We want to evoke some of the adventurous exploration of yesteryear that people think are not accessible today,” says Greg Manley, program manager of City of Play.

Manley composed the “Fantastic Adventure” after  meeting members of the Greenfield community who shared their histories of the community.

The old bridge closed on Oct. 15, 2015 and was imploded in December of that year.

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The new bridge, constructed of steel instead of reinforced concrete, repurposes the old bridge’s design and features a wider pedestrian walkway, an elevated bike lane and a shared bike lane.

The bridge is expected to be fully open to traffic by 8 a.m., Oct. 15.

For more information, visit the Greenfield Community Association website.

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