Combating the Cold: How This Couple Pulled Off Their Winter Wedding

Happy to see warmer weather? This gorgeous winter wedding may actually have you missing the snow.

Photos by Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers

Most brides shy away from the idea of a winter wedding — the thought of braving a blizzard on the way to the ceremony or wearing a parka during the outdoor photoshoot is enough to make most brides shiver. However, for some brides, the winter months really are the most wonderful time of the year.

Darrell Eacret proposed to Jacqueline Schneider on Dec. 27, 2015 right in the midst of the holiday season. As they began to share their news and discuss plans, the couple realized that they really wanted a winter wedding.

“We loved the idea of planning a wedding in a little under a year and having our wedding at a time of the year when people aren’t usually going to weddings,” Jacqueline says. “We loved the idea of getting married during the Christmas season, a happy and beautiful time of year.”

A winter wedding, set for Dec. 19, also benefited the couple logistically. Jacqueline and Darrell are both Ph.D. students, so they had rigorous academic schedules to work around while planning. Realizing their choices were either summer or winter break, the couple chose winter so that they wouldn’t have to wait a year and a half to get married.

Another perk of their winter wedding was that the couple planned on honeymooning in Fiji and New Zealand. Although it would be wintertime in the United States in December, both of their destinations would be in full summer swing during their travels. The couple says they had a great time relaxing and adventuring in the summer sun before returning home to cooler temperatures.

As for the actual wedding day, Jacqueline was unphased by the shortage of winter weddings inspiration — in fact, she actually preferred it that way.

“I feel like in many aspects of my life, I enjoy being unique and being able to put my own spin on things,” she says. “Ultimately, in choosing to do a winter wedding, I felt like there was a lot less out there about, ‘How best to do this or that,’ or which colors to choose, food to serve, decorations to have, etc. It felt like there was less of a ‘blueprint’ for wedding expectations for a winter wedding.”

The couple embraced the holiday spirit by incorporating deep reds and other winter colors throughout the ceremony and reception. Jacqueline’s bouquet was a beautiful combination of dark eggplant calla lilies with sprinklings of red berries, which matched the similarly themed reception centerpieces. The couple also did away with the traditional guest book and had their guests sign ornaments to hang on their first Christmas tree as a married couple.

When it came time for an outdoor photoshoot, Jacqueline and Darrell decided to embrace the day, even if it meant that Jacqueline’s dress had to drag through an icy mud puddle or two to get the perfect picture. According to Jacqueline, the cold didn’t really pose as much of a problem as patches of black ice. Wearing approximately five-inch Louboutin heeled booties, the bride had to stay by her groom to make sure she didn’t slip. Luckily Jacqueline had inadvertently planned for this icy weather months ago when she asked each of her bridesmaids to be in her wedding by sending them each a pair of deep red UGG boots.

“I knew that I wouldn’t be able to ask each of the girls to be in my wedding party in person (I live in Philadelphia, and the bridesmaids were all over the place — Ohio, Maryland, Pittsburgh, etc.). For this reason, I decided to send each girl a package containing the UGG boots and a short poem,” she says. The bride’s poem read:

“Something borrowed, something blue,
I think I need some help from you.
As I take him, to have and to hold,
Will you help keep my feet from getting cold?”

After sending off the boots, Jacqueline saw the potential for a cute wedding day photo opportunity and bought herself a pair “I Do” UGGs, studded with pearls and crystals for the special occasion. Not only did the shoes create a lasting memory for the bridal party, but they also came in handy when encountering particularly slippery patches on that winter day.

Although the couple’s planning efforts definitely paid off, there were a few unavoidable weather issues that came up, such as flight cancelations and Pittsburgh traffic. Despite these obstacles, the couple says they wouldn’t have had their wedding any other way.

“Some things may not work out as you have imagined, but keep a positive attitude and enjoy every moment, regardless of what may go ‘wrong,’” Jacqueline says. “Trust everyone who you have chosen to be a part of your special day — you’ve chosen them for a reason, and they will fulfill their duties in an exceptional way.”


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