CMU Prof Explores Nature of Universe with Morgan Freeman

Jesse Schell, appearing on the Science Channel, takes a crack at a truly mind-bending question.

Thumbnail photo by Lauro Roger McAllister


Is our universe real or just a videogame, where everything has been predetermined by some Matrix-level higher order? Carnegie Mellon University professor Jesse Schell will help explore that theory on the May 20 episode of the Science Channel’s “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.”

Schell is more than qualified to weigh in on these issues — aside from his experience in education, Schell served as creative director of the Disney Imagineering Virtual Reality Studio for seven years, published an industry-renowned game design book in 2008 and now is the CEO of Schell Games, his own gaming business. Schell shares his thoughts about technology and simulations to open the episode (above).

Don’t have an existential crisis just yet — watch and learn for yourself first. The program airs at 10 p.m. Wednesday on the Science Channel. If Schell’s smarts don’t clear things up, we’re betting Freeman’s smooth-talking will make everything right with the world again. Even if our existence is governed by computers.



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