C'mon, You Know You Want One. 18 Yorkies Need New Home

Deciding who ultimately gets them is no easy task.

photo by lori sperling/KDKA


The Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center is awash in Yorkies — 18 Yorkshire Terriers, to be exact.

They all lived in a crowded home on the North Side until Sunday, when their owner passed away suddenly, leaving no one to care for the dogs.

“They need some more medical evaluation. They need to be groomed up, and some of them need to be spayed and neutered, and then they’ll hit the adoption floor,” Dan Rossi, executive director of the Animal Rescue League, tells KDKA-TV.  By late Tuesday, there was no shortage of people who want to take them home. 

"Our staff has already had well over a thousand adoption inquiries for these pups," the Animal Rescue League said on its Facebook Page. 

Anyone interested in adopting one of the dogs must complete an application which can be found here. The deadline to file an application is Sunday, May 10 at midnight. A random drawing of qualified applicants will decide who gets a Yorkie. Only those chosen to adopt the dogs will be notified. The Animal Rescue League says it doesn't have enough staff to contact all of those not chosen. 


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