Choosing a Perfect Palette

When designing a new space, your color scheme plays a crucial role in the majority of your decisions. From your carpeting or area rugs to fabrics and drapery, having a strong palette will ensure a strong design.

Where can you find inspiration?

First, take a look at the other rooms in your home. Your color scheme throughout your home should flow. Each room doesn’t need to have the same palette, but they should compliment each other.

You can also look at your wardrobe. Open your closet and look for repeating patterns or color. This will give you an idea for your likes or dislikes even if you're not always sure. Do you prefer colors that warm or cool, dark or light, bright or muted?

Inspiration can even come from an existing piece. For instance an accent chair in a beautiful fabric, or your favorite piece of artwork.

Types of Color Schemes

There are many types of color schemes you can use and they all draw back to the color wheel and basic color theory. A monochromatic color scheme consists of different tints, tones or shades of the same color. For example using a combination of cyan, blue and navy. For a more contemporary color scheme you can mix neutral tones, like grey and taupe or white and ivory.

Analogous color schemes are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.  An example would be a palette of orange, red and purple. 

A complimentary scheme refers to colors that are opposite on the color wheel like yellow and blue.

Remember that choosing your palette goes beyond wall color and fabrics. Make sure to also narrow down your wood and metal finishes.

Rule of 60-30-10

This simple design tip will ensure balance in your design. Your dominant color should be 60% of your room, for example your wall color. The next 30% should be your secondary color. This would be your largest upholstery pieces. The remaining 10% would be your accent color. Add that last splash of interest with pillows, artwork and floral arrangements. 

If you need some help with the color scheme of you current project, bring in a designer for some support. At Today’s Home and DFO we take a 360-degree approach to design. We can assist you with your upholstery, window treatments and flooring decisions. 



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