Children's Visited by a True Dungeon Master — Joe Manganiello

The Pittsburgh native turned Hollywood actor showed off his nerd cred at Children's Hospital this week.

He may be well-known for playing characters who look like they wouldn’t be caught dead playing with elves and goblins, but in real life Joe Manganiello can’t get enough of them. He’s a die-hard Dungeons & Dragons fan. 

Joe and his brother Nick Manganiello stopped by UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh this week to share their D&D insight with some of the kids there. 

“I think at the heart of this game, it’s about immersion, and it’s about being able to step out of reality for a little while,” Joe told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “And when it comes to Children’s Hospital and kids, [who are] here for a while, I think that becomes really necessary.”

The Manganiello brothers grew up playing D&D. Joe, who grew up in Mt. Lebanon and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, created his own Dungeons & Dragons-themed clothing line: Death Saves.

Find more pics from the Hollywood Dungeon Master’s visit on UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Twitter.

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