Check Out this Cool, Reusable, Sturdy Six-Pack Holder

Say goodbye to soggy six-pack holders forever with these custom wood carriers made right here in Pittsburgh.

Here’s an item that anyone who has ever had his or her beer bottles tear through a damp cardboard box can appreciate.

The sustainable wooden six-pack holder [$34.99] from Pittsburgh-based PuzzlePax keeps your beer bottles and cans standing upright, and you can use it again and again. We’ll drink to that!

Created by Gio Attisano and Nick Thompson and produced at TechShop Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square location in East Liberty, the carriers are made from material sourced from a local plywood supplier — and putting them together is half the fun.


The laser cut wooden carriers arrive is several pieces that fit together like a puzzle — hence the name.

Each piece fits together with no glue and no nails. Simple, right? If you find it not so simple — and we recommend enjoying your beers after assembly — PuzzlePax has a video tutorial on its website. The carriers also break down, so you can store them flat.

You also can choose from one of more than a dozen engravings to add to the carriers or custom create your own. The carriers also come with a built-in “emergency opener” in case you need to crack open a cold one but forgot the bottle opener.

Available at PuzzlePax


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