Charmin's New Olympic Spokesman

Reader Brian C. sent me an email stating:

"While looking at a house I quite liked (but unfortunately someone else got an offer in before I could make one), my group was heading down to check out the basement. We opened the door and there three steps down on the landing was sitting… a toilet? Hmm, that’s certainly an interesting place to store an empty toilet that is obviously not hooked up to anything. Except on closer inspection … this is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL TOILET … ON THE STEPS."

Well, you know what they say, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.”

Lucky for us, Brian C. took pictures of the Pittsburgh Potty to end all Pittsburgh Potties.

Have a look at this beauty:

Do you see the shower curtain there, for privacy?

Do you see that the potty is actually on the landing where the steps to the basement turn the corner?


Like Brian said, why climb up 14 stairs to the upstairs bathroom when you can climb down three to this gorgeous piece of Pittsburgh history?

If there were Pittsburgh Potty Olympics, this potty would get the gold medal on style points alone.

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