Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Graduates Are Highest-Paid in U.S.

If you want to make bank, you better learn binary.

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Keep on laughing at the nerds, America. While you lie on your sofa giggling at the socially awkward antics of “The Big Bang Theory” in a bleary-eyed, Sun Chip-dusted miasma, somewhere in a dank basement in Oakland, an enterprising young coder is Red Bulling through a Java syntax error.

Guess who’s going to be laughing when they graduate and start banking $89,000 straight out of the gate? That’s the kushy starting salary for a Carnegie Mellon University computer science graduate, according to a new survey by NerdScholar. That’s tops in the nation for schools that report salary information (Harvard University and a few other Ivies do not).

Even more impressive, CMU took four of the top 25 spots on the list, with the College of Engineering ($68,000), Tepper School of Business ($65,000) and College of Fine Arts ($62,000) also placing.

Note: CMU’s College of Fine Arts includes the Information Systems major, just in case you were about to hand your child a copy of Foucault’s translated works and kick back until the money starts rolling in. You’re going to want to get them acquainted with Hopscotch shortly after they learn the alphabet.

A is for algorithm! Yay! See how fun this is?


#Data: This Bars v. Grocery Stores map is intriguing


Where is the “beer belly of America?” Thankfully, Pittsburgh was spared that shame by our friends in Wisconsin, which has an alarming percentage of bars-to-grocery stores in this interesting infographic by Flowing Data.

Western Pennsylvania has a relatively healthy balance (shout out to Giant Eagle), especially compared to the 2.7 bars-to-grocery-stores ratio of Wisconsin. Overall, America has about 13 percent more grocery stores than bars. This sounds very comforting until you realize that Canada has 83 percent more grocery stores than bars and Poland has 548 percent.

Let freedom ring. (Yeah, we’re going down hard.)


#Props: NYT includes Pittsburgh in a list of top gay destinations

Another day, another best of list. The New York Times has included Pittsburgh in a new list of gay-friendly travel destinations, and the article contains this backhanded gem: “I understand Pittsburgh probably conjures up images of steel mills, football and heart attack-inducing sandwiches,” wrote Jim Werner, a co-founder of a travel website that offers information about a number of gay-friendly cities … But, he pointed out, Pittsburgh is, in fact, “quirky, progressive, and yes, remarkably gay-friendly.”

Tough but fair, Mr. Werner. Tough but fair.

Check out the full list at the New York Times.

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