Bring on the rain!

I want it to rain.

I don’t just want some random sprinkles. I want real rain. I want rain-dance rain. I want downpour rain.

I ask for rain not so much because my grass looks patchy and ridiculous thanks to the aftereffects of having three feet of snow resting on it for a month (yes, I’m STILL angry at Mother Nature about that Snowmageddon business), and not so much because April showers will bring May flowers, but specifically, I want rain so that I can witness Here You Go in action.

Quite simply, Here You Go is an effort started by Burghers Julie Kresen (@jkresen on twitter), Geoff Barnes (@texburgher), and Katy Delancey of Nium to perform one of the simplest random acts of kindness – handing an umbrella to a pedestrian caught in the rain without one.

Here you go. Take this one. Keep it. Have a nice day.

Calling it “a social effort to inspire good will,” the folks at Here You Go aren’t satisfied with a simple act of kindness that ends when the umbrella pops open; they want the perpetual ripples that come from paying the kindness forward and they’ve attached a note to each umbrella with that very challenge.

Go and pay it forward.

Each recipient is encouraged to perform his or her own random act of kindness and to report back on it via the attached postcard.

Thanks to private donations raised via Kickstarter and a seed grant from The Sprout Fund, Here You Go will be handing out 1,000 umbrellas to ‘Burghers seeking shelter from the rain.

1,000 unexpected umbrella gifts followed by 1,000 other random acts of kindness has the potential to create some powerful and moving moments in the lives of many people here in Pittsburgh, because sometimes it really is the smallest gesture that leaves the largest impact on a person.

I for one cannot wait to read the postcards that Here You Go receives back, so my charge to you is this: if you receive an umbrella, follow through on not only paying it forward, but also on returning the postcard to Here You Go. Give the rest of the city a chance to celebrate the kindness you received and the kindness that rippled out from it.

And my charge to Mother Nature is this: I’m not asking for Floodmageddon, lady, so pace yourself, and bring on the rain.

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