Bridal Buzz: Makeup Tips for Your Best Look

We spoke with local makeup artist Michelle Falcone to get insider tips on the best bridal makeup looks.


Traditional advice on wedding makeup dictates brides should consider a natural, soft and glowing look. Simple, classic, understated.

In reality, choosing a look for the big day can be more challenging. The makeup should mesh with the look and feel of the bride’s dress, the venue and decor, and also the bride’s personality and style. The “yourself, but better,” look works for some brides, but an increasing number are looking for something more dramatic. 

Michelle Falcone, a Pittsburgh makeup artist, says she’s seen a change in what her bridal clients are requesting. 

“I think people are getting braver, and more things are acceptable now, which is really awesome,” Falcone says. “A dark berry lip for their wedding day is not weird anymore.”

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For all looks

  • Skin care is extremely important, says Falcone. “If you’re not taking care of your skin, no matter good the makeup is, it’s not going to look good.”
  • Creating multiple light layers looks more natural than doing one thicker layer, especially with complexion products such as foundation and concealer. 
  • Trial runs, which most makeup artists offer, will help to fine-tune a bride’s look before the big day. “I don’t think I would ever be comfortable just hopping in on a wedding day without a trial,” says Falcone.

For a winged eyeliner or retro-inspired look

  • For winged eyeliner, practice applying the shape a few different ways: lifted up, straight across, a longer line — what looks good will depend on eye shape. 
  • Matte eyeshadow works best for a retro look. Falcone also advises steering away from shimmery eye products because they could reflect the flash from a camera.

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For a romantic, dreamy look

  • Use rose and gold shades with added darker colors to create more depth. 
  • Falcone recommends a liquid lipstick or lip stain in a rose-colored shade that will stay all day without many touch-ups. 


For those who don’t usually wear makeup

  • Consider simply evening out the skin tone with a light tinted moisturizer and soft blush to give dimension. 
  • For lip color, Falcone says a light gloss works best.
  • If interested in eye makeup, go for a light eyeliner. Darker shadows or heavy liner can look too out of character for those who are often bare-faced in their day-to-day lives, says Falcone.
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