‘Breaking Bad’ Trivia Night Coming to Pittsburgh

Think you’re an expert on Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s meth-making empire? Test your knowledge at James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy.

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Pop quiz: What model car did Walter White buy for his son Walter Jr. and then proceed to purposely torch when his wife made it clear that the family could not make big-ticket purchases with their dirty drug money?

Answer: A red Dodge Challenger.

R.I.P. Junior’s Dreams

If you knew the answer to that question, or just want a fun diversion to take the edge off of “Breaking Bad’s” incredibly intense final season, consider heading to the James Street Gastropub on Wednesday, Sept. 25, for a special edition of Los Geek Hermanos: A “Breaking Bad” Quiz.

Prizes are expected to be in the hundreds of dollars, and while that won’t be enough to finance your own A-1 Car Wash like Mr. White, it might be enough to purchase a World’s Greatest Lawyer coffee mug like Saul Goodman’s.

Do your lame friends not watch the greatest show on television? Looking for teammates around Pittsburgh? Check out the Facebook page.

While we're here, let's all enjoy the new "Breaking Bad" spin-off from ABC!


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#TV: Pittsburgh-based ghost hunters get new Bio show


If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters — because they are not a real organization. Bill Murray is busy being, like, FDR now.

However, there are real-life ghost hunters you can call to investigate.Ghost Bait,” a new show premiering on the Biography channel Saturday at 10 p.m., follows the Pittsburgh-based paranormal group ParaCORE as it helps clients overcome their haunting.

The third episode will take the team to a farmhouse in western Pennsylvania, where the residents have seen an apparition appearing in mirrors. Spooky!

We’re always disappointed that none of these paranormal investigators wear giant Ecto Goggles. Such a wasted opportunity.

P.S. Did you know that there’s a Ghostbusters Equipment Wiki with hundreds of items? There goes your Thursday.


#Photography: Ready for the final regular season homestand?

Photo by Dave DiCello. Pre-order his 2014 Steel City Calendar.

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