Break Free: Inside Escape Room Pittsburgh

A visit makes for an unconventional night out with friends.


Think you’ve got a fairly smart, capable group of friends? Sign up for a session at Escape Room Pittsburgh, where you’ll be locked in a room with 60 minutes on the clock and a collection of seemingly unrelated objects. Your task: Follow the clues until you find a way out.

It’s the first room-escape game in Pittsburgh, a local outpost of a global trend inspired by an off-the-beaten-path genre of video games. Taking cues from gaming and immersive theater, the challenge involves any number of mental gymnastics, from solving sophisticated puzzles to reconsidering the meaning of items in plain sight — not to mention determining if an enigmatic object is a vital piece of the puzzle or a time-draining red herring.

Escape Room Pittsburgh houses two games: one tasks groups (no less than three, no more than eight; you may be playing alongside strangers) with busting out of a prison cell; the other offers a chance to uncover the mad-scientist secrets of “Dr. Stein’s Laboratory.”

In addition to an unconventional night out for friends, the experience also makes for a stellar office outing — what better way to learn problem-solving skills while getting out of your cubicles?

So maybe you were right — you and your savvy buddies will tear through the challenge, decode the clues and emerge victorious. Or maybe you’ll end up staring blankly at one another, waiting for someone to figure out what any of it means. (Take heart: hints are available.) Either way, there are very few better ways to spend an hour.



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