Brains With French Fries on Top

The Scarehouse and Primanti Bros. team up to pay tribute to Pittsburgh's rich zombie history.

Zombies are as Pittsburgh as the Primanti Brothers’ sandwich.

The first true cult-classic zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead, was written by a ‘Burgher, George Romero, and filmed in Pittsburgh. His follow-up, Dawn of the Dead, was filmed in Monroeville Mall, the zombie mecca where Pittsburgh achieved the world-record for largest Zombie Walk (a title we’ve since lost, so, let’s get that back, okay?)

We have an official local chapter of the Zombie Research Society, and when the zombie uprising eventually occurs, you know it’s bound to start here. But you’ll be okay, because the CDC has actually released Zombie Preparedness 101 to help. I’ll sum it up for you: stockpile water, make an emergency kit and guard your brain.

With a deep appreciation for the power that zombies and sandwiches with french fries wield here in Pittsburgh, The ScareHouse—recently rated the top haunted house in the entire world by—has married the two for a new area of the haunt called Pittsburgh Zombies.

Take a look at the sweet Primanti-Brothers-inspired mural they commissioned as part of the project!

Yes, there is a slightly zombified version of me on that wall and you can get a good look at it around the 1:55 mark of the video.

Have no fear. I have no interest in your brains.

Unless they’re juicy.


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