Bradshaw Backpedals on Tomlin ‘Cheerleader’ Comment

But a few of the former quarterback's newest comments may not endear him to Steelers nation.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw admits he may not have used the best choice of words when describing coach Mike Tomlin as a “really great cheerleader guy” during an interview on a sports program last month.

When first asked about the comments, Tomlin suggested to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Bradshaw may have crossed the line. He described the statements as “outside the bounds of critique or criticism. They probably fall more toward the area of disrespect and unprofessional.”

“I wish I hadn’t had said ‘cheerleader,’” Bradshaw said during a Fox press conference Wednesday. “It was an instantaneous response. I referenced it to on the sideline the camera will catch him a lot of times and he’s gyrating so cheerleading was the first thing that came to my mind.”

At that point, fellow “Fox NFL Sunday” analyst Howie Long offered Bradshaw a life preserver.

“Motivator?” Long suggested.

“Motivator would have been a better word,” Bradshaw said. “Listen, I'm in the business of saying things, giving opinions. I'm not going to stop because Mike Tomlin — and I played in Pittsburgh. I'm not going to back off. I did it to Ben Roethlisberger when he got the motorcycle crash. My job is not to hide from what I say, you know. Be a little bit better… Shouldn't have said the cheerleader part, but life moves on.”

After the press conference Bradshaw told the PG he doesn’t have an emotional, fan attachment to any team except the New Orleans Saints because he’s from Louisiana.

“I deliberately stay away from Pittsburgh other than the Mike Tomlin comment,” he said. “I’m never gonna say anything bad about Pittsburgh, that’s not being fair as an analyst, I know that. They’re off-limits other than my little problem. And I made it clear the Saints are my team, there's my love interest, and everybody else is fair game if they screw up. … I pull more for people [than teams]. If Pittsburgh loses, I still sleep good.”

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