Bottoms Up! Signature Wedding Drinks with a Sip of Personality

These couples found a way to add an extra flair to accompany their wedding theme.

The right cake-topper, decor and music selection can certainly reflect a couple’s personality at their wedding. But one thing that can send the personalization to a whole new level is a signature drink.

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The Face-Off

When Colli Leighton and Marcia Metz wed on Oct. 3, they knew they wanted to pay homage to how they met — playing hockey. In addition to their hockey-themed cake topper, their signature drink, “The Face-Off,” also showed a personal flair while remaining subtle enough for everyone to enjoy.

They knew they wanted to incorporate Jack Daniels, a favorite of the couple’s, so they spent a few nights experimenting with different mixers and juices.


“[We] just threw things in until we found something delicious,” says Colli.

The drink was an easy way for the brides to add something special to the wedding that guests enjoyed.

“We didn’t want to stress too much about it,” Colli says. “We just wanted something real simple to have fun with.”

Photos by Jenni Grace Photography


The St. George Sunrise

Jessica Kalinowski and her groom, David Sebastian, wanted to give guests a taste of what was to come after their wedding day, so they created the “St. George Sunrise” to commemorate their honeymoon in St. George, Grenada.

“We wanted our guests to have a few options of tasty drinks without having to really think about it,” Jessica says.

The couple decided on the drink based on what was offered in the bar package they chose, and incorporated Absolut vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice and lemon lime soda.


Signature drinks not only give guests a playful peek into the couple’s personality — Jessica says they’re way to make guests feel more comfortable ordering cocktails.

“We would absolutely recommend having a signature drink,” she says. “It is a great way to add some personalized touches to your wedding, and it gives your guests an option to potentially try a new drink that they will love. It also takes the stress out of ordering a drink at a wedding, especially if the bar offers liquors you are not familiar with.”


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