Bloomfield Makes List of America’s 10 Best Italian ’Hoods

USA Today Travel gives props to our Little Italy.

Photos by David Gee and Cam Miller


Bloomfield is a living museum for things that are rapidly going extinct in the modern age. The neighborhood still has candy-striped barber poles and bartenders who look you in the eye — not to mention a few speakeasies that are actual speakeasies and not just a design aesthetic. And who needs a Whole Foods when you can get fresh prosciutto, pancetta and culatello by the pound?

USA Today’s 10Best travel blog has taken notice. Pittsburgh was included in its list of best places to discover Italian heritage in America.

Did you know that the residents of Bloomfield get together to play bocce underneath the Bloomfield Bridge? PM contributor Martha Rial documented the charming tradition this summer. Get ready for some authentic characters.

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#Props: PittGirl honored with Sharing Heart Award


Three cheers for our own Virginia Montanez (aka PittGirl), who was honored with the Sharing Heart Award from Zachary’s Mission for her tireless work in creating Make Room For Kids, an initiative of the Lemieux Foundation. Montanez led an inspiring social-media campaign to bring gaming systems and movies to critically ill children at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. The response from the community was incredible, and even large companies like Microsoft and IKEA jumped on board to contribute.

The multimedia makeover was completed in April, and the results are awesome. Despite trying circumstances, the patients can now do what they do best — be kids and have fun.

See more about Montanez’s inspirational campaign below.

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#Photography: A view of the frosty Monongahela River


h/t redditor cmm67 snapped this inside the U.S. Steel Clairton Works

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