Blood Science Foundation – It’s About Giving from the Heart

Through fundraising and public education efforts, Blood Science Foundation helps to secure the blood supply, supports research and provides high school scholarships.


There is no substitute for human blood. It cannot be manufactured and instead must be donated by volunteers. Every day in greater Pittsburgh, people who are sick or injured rely on donated blood to keep them alive and thriving.

Through fundraising and public education efforts, Blood Science Foundation supports the life-affirming mission of Vitalant (formerly Central Blood Bank) – to provide a safe, adequate blood supply to its hospital and health care partners so doctors can perform surgeries, treat critically injured patients and help others fight diseases.

Maintaining an adequate blood supply in greater Pittsburgh is an ongoing challenge. Vitalant is charged with providing blood to nearly 50 hospitals in the region, but on an annual basis, the blood bank is only able to collect about half the amount needed from our area. In 2017, Vitalant imported 82,000 units of blood from other cities to meet the demand locally. The price tag: $23 million. Funds raised by Blood Science Foundation helped to offset a portion of the costs incurred to purchase that missing blood so it could fulfill its life-saving mission.  

Blood Science Foundation is also a critical funding resource for research. In the last decade, we have provided $20 million to some of the area’s top universities and hospitals so that they could perform vital studies aimed at curing blood-related diseases or improving the safety of blood transfusions. Each study seeks to save lives and improve patient care in the future.

In addition, our reach and impact extend into high schools across southwestern Pennsylvania. Last year, Blood Science Foundation provided $191,000 in scholarship money to schools that held blood drives on campus. In turn, those schools awarded the scholarship money to deserving students who sought to further their education.

Consider a monetary donation to the Blood Science Foundation today. Visit to learn more and make a contribution. 

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