Big Brother is Watching You Drive through Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority has been keeping a log of cars in Pittsburgh in an effort to track vehicles racking up multiple tickets. Not everyone’s pleased about it.

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In August, the Pittsburgh Parking Authority caught 80,000 license plates on camera. It has been watching for eight years. The authority estimated it knows of 3,886 cars that have enough parking tickets to be eligible for the boot.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the License Plate Reader program isn’t supposed to be public, but with a right-to-know request, you can get the skinny on where (and when) cars have been within the last 30 days.

Or you could check out the PG's excellent interactive website that allows you to type in a vehicle’s license plate and find out where the Parking Authority scanned it. (Aspiring Walter Whites, beware.)

One car at the corner of 18th Street and Penn Avenue was scanned 39 times.

The good news about being able to type in your own license plate number? It may help you remember where to find that great pizza place you once visited but can never locate.


#SpruceUp: Those trees, those trees!


Someone needs to call the Lorax.

Murrysville council is currently in debate over whether or not to continue to maintain 850 spruce trees, each about 150 feet high, that spell out the town’s name on an eight-acre plot off Pleasant Valley Road.

It costs about $2,500 each year to maintain the property, but the trees are starting to grow so thick that it’s hard to read the word they spell, so additional maintenance will likely be needed, which would only cost more. One option is to cut down and replace all the trees.

The Tribune-Review has the full scoop.


#Props: Former 'Burghers take home Emmys


Pittsburghers weren’t left out of the loop when it came to receiving Emmys during last night's ceremony. “Saturday Night Live” director Don Roy King, a Pitcairn native, won Best Director in a Variety Series. And Carnegie Mellon grad James Cromwell won Best Supporting Actor for a Miniseries or Movie for his role in “American Horror Story: Asylum.”


What’s happening tonight?


  • Pittsburgh Fashion Week kicks off. See the full schedule here.

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