Best Restaurants – What's HOT / What's NOT

A cross-section of chefs we love opine on what to keep in your pantry, roast on your grill and put on your plate.

Trevett Hooper, LEGUME, Regent Square

IN: canning and pickling
OUT: pork belly

Kevin Hunninen, POINT BRUGGE CAFE, Point Breeze

IN: Prince Edward Island mussels
OUT: molecular gastronomy

Douglass Dick, BONA TERRA, Sharpsburg

IN: artisanal cheeses
OUT: farm-raised salmon

Alan Peet, CASBAH, Highland Park

IN: ramps
OUT: heavy foods "Oh-so-lighter dishes. We're getting more economical, more ingredient-oriented, looking for value rather than spending money for the sake of it."

Matthew Porco, MIO, Aspinwall

IN: charcuterie
OUT: tapas

Toni Pais, CAFÉ ZAO, downtown

IN: quality versus quantity
OUT: architectural presentations

Gloria Fortunato, Wild Rosemary, Peters

IN: wild greens
OUT: iceberg

Jonah Frazier, RED ROOM CAFE, East Side

IN: raw fish
OUT: chicken

Richard DeShantz, NINE ON NINE, downtown

IN: gastro-tavern "Google it. It means pub-driven. Bring in the lighter fare, watch prices, cater to the everyday person. People are still eating out but they're eating simple."
OUT: fine, fine dining

Sonja Finn, DINETTE, East Side

IN: vinegar "as an ingredient." "It brightens up flavors, gives it a little kick."
OUT: dressing on the side

Jeff Iovino, IOVINO'S CAFÉ, Mt. Lebanon

OUT: expensive wine lists

Chet Garland, TOAST, Shadyside

IN: suckling pig
OUT: beef

Simon Lewis, RICHARD CHEN, East Side

IN: simple sashimi
OUT: cabernets

Sam DiBattista, VIVO, Bellevue

IN: slow-cooked and braised meats
OUT: processed foods

Eric Wallace, LIDIA's, Strip District

IN: roasting whole animals "keeping the animal intact"
OUT: molecular gastronomy

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