Bed Bath & Beyond My Imagination

With less than 16 weeks until the big day and two bridal showers coming up, Mr. Right and I decided that it was finally time to register. I’ve been waiting for this day since we got engaged. The thought of all-new towels, pots and pans and kitchen gadgets is very exciting to me, since pretty much everything we have now was handed down to us by our parents.

Mr. Right, however, is not so fond of the whole registry idea. He thinks it’s rude to tell people what to buy us, but I’ve explained that our guests will expect and appreciate knowing what we want. Deep down, I know he’s excited about all of the new stuff, too. So, this past Sunday afternoon, we set off on our adventure.

At Bed Bath & Beyond, our first task was to choose a china pattern from a massive binder filled with options. We already knew we weren’t Noritake Colorwave: The beginning of our Bed Bath & Beyond marathon.looking for fine china, just everyday dishes. Once we chose our pattern (Noritake Colorwave in Green and Chocolate) and registered for 12 settings, the manager helped us create a mock table, complete with tablecloth, place mats and cloth napkins with napkin rings. (The thought of actually using napkin rings at a table for 12 made me giggle.) Next, we moved on to wine glasses. So many to choose from—white, red, champagne flutes… Do we really need 12 of each? The answer was no; one set of each type would suffice. We’re just fine drinking our Riesling from a Bordeaux glass or even a regular old drinking glass, for that matter.

We had spent more than an hour in the tabletop section alone. So, once we made it to the small kitchen appliances and cookware, we had to shift it into high gear. Skillets, sauté pans, garlic presses, waffle irons—we scanned them all. (I may She's armed. She's dangerous. She's a bride-to-be with a scanning gun.have pointed the scanning gun at the occasional sorbet maker and avocado slicer, too.) By the time we made it through the kitchen and dining room, it was 5:30 p.m., and the store was closing in 30 minutes. We quickly scanned some sheets and a blanket on our way to the bath section. A half hour is not nearly enough time to properly choose a shower curtain, soap dispenser and all of the matching accessories. Nevertheless, we did it with five minutes to spare.

The first batch of shower invitations is in the mail along with the registry announcements. Now, we sit back and relax, while obsessively checking to see which of our highly anticipated gifts have been purchased from our registry. I’m not so shallow to think that getting married is at all about the gifts. I can’t wait to walk down that aisle and become Mrs. Right. But it sure will be nice to be able to make my new husband some homemade sorbet.