Become the Smartest Person in Pittsburgh With Our (Free) New iPhone App

Get the lowdown on all of the region’s best restaurants, bars and events, right at your fingertips.



Your iPhone screen looks a little naked. It would look so much better with our new app right next to the Twitter bird. Now, you probably have some questions. You’re not going to clutter your screen with just any ol’ Pittsburgh app. Let us becalm your trepidations:

What the heck is
You know your smartest friend — the one who knows all the best Pittsburgh restaurants and fun things to do on the weekend? Imagine if that person was in your pocket at all times. As an iPhone app. We created to organize all the restaurants, bars and fun events that make Pittsburgh awesome into one shiny package.

Will it make me smarter and/or cooler?
For sure. Our editors have also provided handy pro tips on what to order so you’re not sitting there fumbling with the menu at the chic new hot spot like some kind of Cleveland tourist.

Gee, that sounds useful! How much does it cost?
It’s flippin’ free! Because we love you.

But I already have Yelp.
Yelp is great. We use it, too. But Yelp has a lot of white noise. is diligently curated with only the best restaurants, bars and events that our editors have given the thumbs up, plus the beautiful photography that you’ve come to expect from Pittsburgh Magazine.

Is this stuff only in the city?
No way. There’s a ton of great stuff in the suburbs and beyond, too.

Holy cow. How do I get this app?
Simply search for “” or “Burgh” in the iPhone’s App Store. Or click here.

Can I get it on my Android?
Not yet. Sorry, Androiders. For now, we’re launching with an iPhone version. But please spread the word to your Apple friends so we can make this a success and launch an Android version in the near future.

Anything else?
Nope. We’ve wasted enough time. Let’s do something awesome.


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— Joelle Smith


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— Joelle Smith

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