Art on Fire 10

On Oct. 15, the winners of the first Martini Glass Design Competition were announced by WQED’s Rick Sebak at Art on Fire 10—five months after Pittsburgh Glass Center, Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka and Pittsburgh magazine launched the redesign contest. The event was held at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, which kicked off its 10th birthday celebration that evening.

Attendees marveled over the Spiketini, the first-place winner made from a typical martini glass cone and then surrounded by rounded 1-inch glass rods; its design met one main requirement: the ability to keep the cocktail cold until the last sip (no body heat comes in contact with the glass due to its design). Spiketini designer Leah Vigneau and creator Bob Greer’s submission was among 49 others that were reviewed by a panel of judges, including culinary experts, engineers and designers. —Kristina Martin

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